Delegate Haven Shoemaker announces bid for Carroll County State’s Attorney: Photos from the event

I wrote this morning “Delegate Haven Shoemaker (District 5) looks like he will be running for Carroll County State’s Attorney in 2022” and in that article I mentioned an official announcement planned for this afternoon. I was able to break away for just a little bit and get some photos from the announcement event:

You can view the full photo set I took today (122 photos) here:

It was apparent Delegate Shoemaker has significant early support from elected officials in his bid for State’s Attorney in Carroll County.

On a personal note – It was fun to get out to a local political event here in Carroll County and meet a number of people I have heard about and read about from other sources. I expect I will be seeing these folks from time to time over this upcoming election cycle…and now I have some photos to use in articles.


Scott E

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