Bonnie Heneson Communications retained by Howard County Veterans Foundation

Bonnie Heneson Communications (BHC), a full-service marketing communications firm, was selected to provide marketing and communications services to the Howard County Veterans Foundation to support its capital campaign to fund the creation of a veterans monument in Columbia, Maryland.

“We’re excited to bring our 30 years of agency experience to serve the Howard County Veterans Foundation and support this historic project to establish Howard County’s first permanent monument to honor America’s veterans and their families,” said Kyri Jacobs, president and CEO of BHC. “As a wife and mother of veterans, I am thrilled BHC has been selected to support this endeavor.”

The Howard County Veterans Foundation was established as a nonprofit charitable organization in 2016 and began the Howard County Veterans Monument project in 2017. The monument will be located near the lakefront in downtown Columbia at the Vivian C. “Millie” Bailey Park.


I just wanted to add that if the Howard County Veterans Foundation wants some additional help…be sure to reach out. As a veteran I am fully supportive of this initiative and would be willing to add my assistance.

Scott E

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