Photos from the New Circuit Courthouse in Howard County

On July 13th, Howard County Executive Calvin Ball, State, and local officials cut the ribbon on the new Howard County Circuit Courthouse. (Read More Here)

I finally had time on Thursday July 15th to make it out and see the new Circuit Courthouse and grab a few photos for future blogs posts.

Here are a few of the photos from the front of the courthouse I took with my camera and my phone:

See the full photo set here:


Scott E


  1. Looks fancy. Too bad some of that money couldn’t have gone to the local schools who have been waiting for years to be fixed or have additions. Interesting that this building was finished in 2 years. darn quick.


  2. I took a tour of the building yesterday. Very impressive.

    You can tell security is a major concern. I saw a few flaws with the design (In my opinion) but I’m sure the architects would disagree. I heard there a few bugs they have to work out which is to be expected.


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