Howard County police have arrested a suspect in a catalytic converter theft and are investigating him for dozens of additional catalytic converter thefts in the county recently. Police arrested John Edward Emigh Jr., 48, of Laurel, on July 3 and charged him with theft and destruction of property. Howard County and other jurisdictions throughout the country have seen a rise in this type of theft as catalytic converters contain valuable metals that can be sold for hundreds of dollars. Kudos to detectives and patrol officers who have tirelessly investigated these cases and developed Emigh as a suspect.

Here is more information on catalytic converter thefts and some precautions you can take to make your car less likely to be victimized:


If this person is found to have committed “dozens of additional catalytic converter thefts in the county recently” I really hope the Howard County State’s Attorney goes after this person and makes an example of him by getting the strongest sentence possible. The County should be willing to use every method possible to combat these crimes. (My opinion).


I will keep an eye on Maryland Case Search and watch for press releases from the Howard County State’s Attorney’s Office for updates in the future.

Scott E