Defamation case against Jennifer Solpietro continues; Cases against Tom Coale and Byron Macfarlane dismissed

We have been waiting since June 2nd for an update on the “Defamation cases filed against a Howard County Podcaster, a Blogger, and an Elected Official”  (Tom Coale, Jennifer Solpietro and Byron Macfarlane) filed by Lisa Kim. The following information can be found on Maryland Case Search today:

Case against Jennifer Solpietro: Case Number: C-13-CV-21-000108

Case against Tom Coale: Case Number: C-13-CV-21-000148

Case against Byron Macfarlane: Case Number: C-13-CV-21-000109

If more details are release I will update this article (or maybe create a new article update).

Stay tuned.

Scott E

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