Howard County Board of Education approves a new School Resource Officer Memorandum of Understanding

The Howard County Board of Education took up a discussion and vote on a new School Resource Officer Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on June 24th. Here are a few things to know:

VOTE: The new MOU passed by a vote of 5 to 3

Motion by Chao Wu, second by Christina Delmont-Small.
Yea: Vicky Cutroneo, Christina Delmont-Small, Yun Lu, Jennifer Mallo, Chao Wu
Nay: Zachary F Koung, Jolene Mosley, Antonia Watts

Also of note:

Mr. Koung stated an objection of consideration to the motion. This motion required a 2/3 majority to pass (6 votes)…it failed 4 to 4.

Details of the new MOU:

There is a lot in the 12 page MOU. You can view all of the details here:$file/06%2024%202021%20Revised%20SRO%20MOU.pdf

One thing of note in all of this:

This memorandum shall continue from the effective date on page 1 for a one-year term. This agreement requires annual reauthorization by HCPSS, HCPD, and the Howard County Board of Education.

Summary PDF presented to the Board on June 24th:$file/06%2024%202021%20SRO%20MOU%20PowerPoint.pdf

Video of the June 24th meeting:

You can watch the discussion about this new MOU here (starting at the 2:37:04 mark of the video):

Have thoughts on the discussion or what was approved…let me know in the comments.

Scott E


  1. So Koung goes on social media and blasts the 5 members who voted to keep the officers. If the vote went the other way and a member blasted him people would say it was bullying. Hey I am not a minority HS student so I’m not going to tell them how they should feel ( regarding SRO s) but pretty sure the 5 who voted yes have student/ teacher safety in mind . If someone feels triggered because they see a police officer that’s a separate issue to deal with.


  2. I am very tired of “one issue” Board members. I get being passionate about a subject, but several Board members were downright uncivil during this meeting. This is a subject that has many supporters on both sides of the issue and instead of working on a solution, we got 3 hours of sanctimony.


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