Howard County Police provide tips to help you protect your packages from thieves

Reports of “porch pirates,” or thieves who steal packages right off your front doorstep, are all too common not only during the holidays, but all throughout the year.

Here are five tips to help you protect these deliveries:

  1. Consider installing a doorbell camera to be notified whenever someone comes to your door.
  2. Track your shipments and try to be home when they are scheduled to arrive. If you won’t be home, ask a trusted neighbor or friend to take the package inside until you get home.
  3. Request that the delivery service leave the package in a less-obvious location, like a side or back door, that can’t be seen from the sidewalk.
  4. Ask your employer if you can have the shipment delivered to your workplace.
  5. As always, report suspicious activity in your neighborhood to HCPD by calling 911 or the non-emergency number at 410-313-2200. One call could help your neighbors from being victimized.


Note to readers: The camera in the image above in one of three I have installed around my property. While this does not guarantee that someone might not take a package from our home…it does make me feel better that if it happens I will get them on camera (and I will be sure to put those images and videos all over the internet).

Scott E

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