The following News Release was sent out on June 15th by the Committee to Re-elect Deb Jung:

On Wednesday, June 16, at 11:00 am, I will be filing for re-election to the Howard County Council using the Citizens’ Election Fund for public financing of campaigns. It has been an honor to serve the residents of this county and I am seeking that privilege again as I run to represent Council District 4 on the County Council.

My record is one of promises made and promises kept. I have been true to our community’s values of integrity, inclusion, and transparency. I have never been, nor will I ever be a “rubber stamp” for anyone or any special interest. I have only one agenda – to look out for the best interests of the residents of District 4 and Howard County. I have been tenacious and persistent in representing the concerns and priorities of Howard Countians.

As a community, Howard County needs to get big money and special interest donors out of our politics. Supporting and participating in the Citizens’ Election Fund is a crucial step in that direction. The Citizens’ Election Fund prohibits acceptance of more than a $250 donation, in the aggregate, from any individual contributor and provides County matching funds for donations of between $5 and not more than $250 from County residents. I hope by using this funding mechanism I will be part of a new generation of those seeking election who are committed to restoring trust in our elected officials through the support of our local residents.


To qualify for public matching funds, candidates will need to secure small donations from at least 125 County residents contributing an aggregate total of $10,000. The purpose behind these rules is to encourage participation in the electoral process by small donors and reduce the role of large donors, corporations, LLC’s, political action committees (PACs), slates, and similar entities, which cannot contribute to a publicly funded campaign.

This is the first election cycle that the law is in effect and my re-election campaign is the first to use it in Howard County. My first campaign was fueled by grassroots support and my re-election campaign will continue that same grassroots focus. I look forward to reaching out to all Howard County residents as I seek to qualify for public matching funds.

Our campaign will hold its formal kick-off event with an updated website later this summer.

Campaign Contact: For more information on the campaign, including how to help Deb’s re-election effort, please contact Ben Bialek, Campaign Chair, at: [email protected].

Fast Facts About Deb: Deb is a life-long Democrat and represents Councilmanic District 4 which is currently comprised of five of the ten villages in Columbia: Harpers Choice, River Hill, Town Center, Hickory Ridge and Wilde Lake; as well as Maple Lawn, and parts of Fulton, Clarksville, Skaggsville, and North Laurel. She is a 33-year resident of Hickory Ridge Village in Columbia.


Deb Jung is the first sitting Councilmember (that I have seen) announce a run for re-election in 2022. She is also the 3rd candidate to announce a run for County Council in 2022. Previous announcements / filings include:


I am happy to see Deb Jung running again in 2022.

You can track future filings for local candidates in Howard here: Maryland Elections site

Article Update June 16th: Councilmember Jung has filed her paperwork for re-election:

Scott E