Photo from a public Instagram and Twitter post

Jen Mallo recently posted the following image on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (maybe other places as well…not sure).

The post on Twitter has the following hashtags:

  • #HCPSS #OperatingBudget #MentalHealthSupportsforStudents #votingYES

The question I am asking tonight…is this a setup post for a run for County Council in 2022?

There is no question that the establishment Democrats in Howard County (in my opinion) will run a candidate (or candidates) against current Howard County Councilmember in District 4 Deb Jung.

Many people I have talked to over the past few years have mentioned Jen Mallo as a possible candidate in that race (do not discount Sabina Taj in this race either). Now that she has her gig as a BOE member for the next 4 years….she can run…and lose…and keep her current position…making her a perfect candidate for the opposition (even in the same party) against Deb Jung on the Democrat side of the house.


The question becomes…is this a gig that Jen Mallo wants? Will the party back her in a Primary? Will the HoCo developers provide additional assistance in this race (similar or more than they did in the BOE race)?

I am watching and listening to many people as the election season closes in…and the stuff I am hearing makes me believe this might be a fun to watch election season (if you like this stuff).

D1 and D4 are going to be epic races…maybe D5 in a way…maybe not…depends on the candidates in that race. I do not expect major fireworks in D2 or D3 based on what I have heard up to this point…but of course…anything can happen.

Scott E