The following was posted on the Calvin Ball campaign account on Facebook:

Big announcement coming soon!

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As there are no specifics I am going to play the guessing game of what the announcement will be on Tuesday:

Most Likely:

He will announce that he is running for reelection as Howard County Executive (CE): CE Ball is popular and likely to be reelected pretty easily in 2022 (my opinion). I think this is what we will hear on Tuesday.

Less Likely:

He will announce that he is running for Governor: I think CE Ball would make a great candidate for Governor but given the field on the Democrat side I see this as unlikely this election cycle. Here is a current list of declared Democrat candidates for Governor in Maryland (that I know of):

  • Rushern Baker, former Prince George’s County executive and 2018 candidate
  • Jon Baron, former nonprofit executive, expert in evidence-based policy, and former federal official
  • Peter Franchot, Comptroller of Maryland
  • Doug Gansler, former Attorney General of Maryland and candidate for governor in 2014
  • Ashwani K. Jain, former Obama administration official[17]
  • John King Jr., former United States Secretary of Education
  • Mike Rosenbaum, Baltimore businessman

I expect this field to continue to grow before it is all said and done.

He will announce that he is running for LT. Governor on a ticket with a popular candidate that previously announced: So this is one of those “rumors” I have heard. I find this VERY unlikely. Why would a sitting CE with one additional term make this jump? It is also SUPER early for announcements of LT. Governor candidates on tickets…so I do not see this being the announcement on Tuesday.

Not Happening:

He will announce that he is retiring from politics: While there are some political groups secretly hoping for this to be the announcement I would not hold your breath.

Those are the possible scenarios I had thought of when putting this article together.

Have other scenarios or thoughts? Let me know in the comments.

Scott E


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