Here are my weekly COVID-19 charts for Maryland, Carroll County and Howard County that will provide you a look at the trends in 2021 to date:

Here is the weekly look at the number of COVID-19 cases:

Weekly look at the number of deaths due to COVID-19 in Maryland:

Weekly look at the number of people “hospitalized” in Maryland:

Number of people currently hospitalized in Maryland:

Positivity rate for Maryland, Howard County and Carroll County:

Vaccine distribution by week in Maryland, Howard County and Carroll County:

If interested in the data, be sure to check out my Google Tracking Spreadsheet (Note – I am only updating the numbers in the weekly and monthly tabs right now – there are plenty of resources out there for the daily numbers):

See the daily updates from the state of Maryland here:

See past weekly update charts here:

All of the numbers above are what we have all been looking for in regards to COVID-19. The major negative metrics are all down and vaccine distribution is up. This is GREAT!!! This is likely my last “Weekly Update” article for a while. I will continue to update the data the the spreadsheet weekly (for a while) but unless we see a new spike in numbers I think this is a good time to put an end to these type of weekly updates on the blog.


Scott E


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