Scott E’s Blog New Archived Articles Website

After 7+ years of writing and publishing posts (for Howard County and recently Carroll County) I thought it was time to do some additional maintenance work on the blog site. One of the things I thought I would do is start archiving old articles and moving those to an “Archive” website. Hopefully this will help with site speed (especially during website searches) and finding current information.

The new archive website for Scott E’s blog is:

I admit the new archive site is not super pretty – but that was really not my goal with the site. It is setup to be functional over pretty.

Currently the archive site has articles dated January 2014 – October 2018.

On this blog (as of this post) articles from 2014 have all been removed from this site. I will be working on removing the 2015, 2016 and 2017 articles over the next couple of weeks.

Hopefully having this site optimized with current information and having an archive site will be the best way going forward for the blog and the readers.

The new archive website for Scott E’s blog is:

Scott E

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