Maryland State Delegate Jesse Pippy (District 4 – Carroll County & Frederick County) posted the following on social media today:

In light of Senator Hough’s announcement that he will be running for County Executive, we are excited to announce that we are actively exploring running to fill the open State Senate seat!

Our strong record as a conservative legislator and effective leader in the Maryland General Assembly demonstrates our ability and qualifications to represent District 4 residents in the Senate. My constituents expect results and we look forward to continuing our public service on your behalf, making Maryland the best place to live, work and retire!


Earlier today “Michael Hough announces candidacy for Frederick County Executive” (Read More)

The State Senate race in District 4 should be an interesting one to watch for those in Frederick and Carroll counties. I expect a number of candidates to jump into that race before it is all over.

I found this old photo of current Delegate Pippy from an event back in 2016.

Scott E and Jesse Pippy at an event back in 2016

Scott E