I wrote back on May 6th “Scott E is moving to Carroll County; Blog will continue to cover Howard County News“. Today I can announce we have landed in Finksburg, Maryland.

The “official” move is over but there are enough boxes in the new place it might be a month or so before we are all unpacked.

Internet access was established today and my first two blog posts are online from the new location (covering Carroll County and Howard County news):

  • Carroll County Supports State’s End of Mask Mandate (Read More)
  • Howard County Lifts Mask Mandate (Read More)

It is official when you have internet access (well…at least in my business world and blogging world).

I look forward to learning more about this area in the same way I did back when I first moved to Columbia. There is much for me to learn about the places, people and politics here in the County. Should make for some interesting articles on the blog.

I have to say it is really nice here early on and I expect it to be that way for many, many years to come.

If anyone has suggestions for local affordable lawn care service…let me know in the comments.

Scott E


  1. Craig Simpson on Coon Club Road runs a great and reliable lawn service (and snow removal).
    CLS Lawn Service

  2. We came from NJ, relocated down here, lived in Columbia for a year and finally bought a house in Finksburg in August. So far we love the town and the area. Good luck!

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