I guess it is as official as it can get at this point (the house we live in is sold)…I am leaving Howard County after nearly 20 years of living in Columbia. We are moving to Carroll County (more on the final location at a later date). This move is happening over the next week.

As I mentioned, I have called Columbia home for nearly 20 years. I have actually lived in Columbia longer than anywhere else I have ever lived in my life. As someone that moved around a bit growing up, moving a lot during my nine years in the U.S. Navy and then even when I landed here in Maryland in the late 90’s moving to a few different cities and counties early on, I found a city I loved in Columbia. This place will always be one of my homes (to go along with Fayetteville, Tennessee where I spent my Jr. High and High School years). My daughter attended and graduated from the Howard County Public School System and remains a resident and employed in Howard County (adding to how much this place means to me).

It has been wonderful to live in Columbia. I have seen this city grow and change. One of the things I will never forget is when I first moved to Columbia I was so annoyed that the grocery stores were hidden in village centers and if you did not know this area they were difficult to find. I kind of miss those days…but also love some things about how the area has grown and how there is so much to offer residents today.

I have met a number of wonderful people here in Howard County and made some life long friends that I will miss seeing as often as I get to today. Upside is that I am not far away and still close enough to see folks around here from time to time.

I have built a following through the Blog in Howard County (two time Howard County Best Blog award winner) and I will continue to have an interest in happenings here with family and close friends living in this county. I do plan to continue to cover local news, events and happenings on the blog (at least for a while…you never know what changes could happen in the future). I may not be able to attend as many Howard County events or press conferences in person, but I seem to have enough resources to continue to be one of the local news/information sources for my blog readers.

I am not leaving the county never to return. My business address remains in Columbia and I have a number of clients in Howard County so I am sure I will be around supporting those businesses (just a much longer commute for me in the future). As I mentioned, we also have a great number of close friends here in the county and I expect they will come out our way and we will come back this way on occasion for visits and events.

I look forward to our new adventure in Carroll County and I am sure I will be writing about the transition and some of the fun adventures and activities we get into around our new home. I had already started covering some news and happenings in Carroll County and that will continue and probably grow on the blog.

The blog might be a little quiet during the transition from this place to our new place over the next week (not an easy transition moving from one place to another and trying to get everything setup). I will continue to do my best to keep up with significant happenings in the area over the short term and updates will return to normal soon.

Thanks everyone and stay tuned for more information,

Scott E


    • C,mon Jaimie. Are you serious or just trolling? If youve been following whats been going on in the county as documented in even this blog the last 2 years, you would find quite a lot of obvious reasons that many would be leaving for to Carroll County.
      Again I dont know his priority reasons, but to say that there are no glaring ones is to be plain ignorant or just trolling.

      • I am not trolling. Agree there could be many reasons. Some are implying it’s clear what that the exact reasons are so I am asking them to be specific. Could be valid reasons ( more land, more rural, bigger house for the money, etc). Could be racist, classist, bunk (less socio-economic diversity, less affordable housing, etc. Unclear.

        I am most concerned that Scott E would leave the dog whistle out there that he is left HoCo to seek a leas diverse county.

        • I’m so grateful that you get to decide what’s valid and acceptable. Another good reason to leave this area, liberals like you.

    • Paying taxes to an overrated and mediocre school system could be stressful Carroll schools are excellent. Somehow the schools avoid congratulations for existing, a major part ofcHCPSS complete with bureaucracy.

  1. Scott, I wish you the best. A sane voice covering the issues that mattered the most to the residents of Howard County. Do keep us in mind as you expand your horizons to include your new home county.

  2. Isn’t cost of living (at least housing) less in Carroll?
    Some families move to Howard for the schools and if they are grown moving reasonable option.

    And while I doubt it’s why he’s moving let’s not pretend every neighborhood is great and doesn’t make you a bad person if you want to move to a safer place.

  3. I dislike this “dancing” around the question… if you cannot answer directly and playing with words, then your point is moot.
    I have no facts to understand your smart pointers, even less for someone’s reasons for moving from one county to another

  4. Dan, my man . I really feel for you on this: “I dislike this “dancing” around the question…if you cannot answer directly and playing with words, then your point is moot. ” As someone mentioned before, If you have to ask, then you really need to take politics 101. Its scarry considering you presumably live in the backyard of our nation’s (some say the global) political capital and yet you have no clue of the environment you live in?
    Please for your own sake, learn (fast) or you may be a victim of your own ignorance. If this were the 90s, I wouldve just straight cut to the chase and told you. I doubt though if giving you facts matter. (Anyone can use and abuse them to make you understand their pointers).
    Truth hurts – Am sure you heard of that saying. We live in a chilled time where many cant even honestly speak for fear of the blowback. Social media doesnt like those pain points so it neutralizes any such causes of it. The cloaks (and daggers!) are still there IRL and not moot, so you have to be especially alert.
    Good luck.

  5. To put an end to this guessing….I am moving to be closer to family in CaCo…that is the ONLY reason. I am not going to get in to it any further than that on this topic in this comment thread. I will have an article about the move when it is complete.


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