From Howard County Council Member Walsh – Girl Scouts of Central Maryland’s Board could vote to sell Camp Ilchester as early as today!

The following was sent via email by Howard County Council Chair Liz Walsh:

“Girl Scouts of Central Maryland’s Board could vote to sell Camp Ilchester as early as today!”

Would you please consider sending their Board membership an email today—how about right now:—asking them not to? And that instead they do more between now and that vote, if it ever happens, to find a preservation buyer who will maintain those twenty acres as green space for kids. Selling the property to a for-profit developer would not only have a negative impact on Girl Scouts of Central Maryland, but also our community’s other youth camps, local group activities, outdoor programs, school parking safety, wildlife habitat and the Bonnie Branch watershed. Such an outcome would counter what so many local troop leaders, volunteers, members and elected officials here see as a key part of the girl scout experience—protecting the environment

Not up to speed on what we’re so worried about? Please check out this Baltimore Sun article and the “Save Camp Ilchester” page on Facebook for more background and most up-to-date goings-on among the advocates who have been doing their very best in the past few weeks to Save Camp Ilchester. I hope you count yourself among them.

Please share this email with your friends and neighbors. The time to act is now.

Always in your service,

D1 Council Chair, Liz Walsh

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Scott E

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