On April 28th Governor Hogan announced “Governor Hogan Lifts Outdoor Mask Mandate, Ends Restrictions on Outdoor Dining“:

OUTDOOR DINING. Standing service may resume outdoors at bars and restaurants and all restrictions related to outdoor dining capacity and distancing will be lifted. Seated service and physical distancing requirements will remain in place indoors at bars and restaurants.

See the announcement here:



On April 29th Howard County Executive announced “Howard County Executive Announces Alignment with Governor Orders, Limited Reopening of Indoor Athletic Facilities to Spectators

Howard County Executive Calvin Ball today announced Howard County will be in alignment with Governor’s Hogan’s order to lift outdoor masking requirements and remove outdoor dining restrictions, effective May 1, 2021.

Here is what surrounding areas are doing (click links to see full stories from various sources):

Anne Arundel County: Anne Arundel lifted all restrictions on outdoor dining

Baltimore City: Baltimore City’s outdoor mask mandate has been lifted but Mayor Brandon Scott didn’t include a change to the City’s outdoor dining restrictions

Baltimore County: Will align with Hogan’s executive order lifting restrictions on outdoor dining

Carroll County: Carroll County Commissioners Support Governor’s Loosening of Restrictions

Montgomery County: Montgomery County officials said they won’t be following along after Gov. Larry Hogan on Tuesday fully lifted the state’s outdoor mask mandate and ended restrictions on outdoor dining

Prince George’s County: Prince Georgians revoked its outdoor mask mandate. The county executive also told residents to expect an update on business capacities “soon”.


Scott E