All incumbent candidates win reelection in Columbia Council races; 1 new member to join the CA Board of Directors

Here is my final recap of the 2021 Columbia Association Board of Directors (Columbia Council) races.

Seven members were elected in 2021 to the Columbia Association Board of Directors. Six existing members ran to serve another term and all six candidates won. Here is my breakdown:

  • Renée Freal DuBois ran unopposed in River Hill.
  • Richard Boulton (Dorsey’s Search), Shari Zahet (Kings Contrivance), Jessamine Duvall (Hickory Ridge), Janet Evans (Long Reach), Virginia (Ginny) Thomas (Oakland Mills) all won in contested races in their villages.

One current CA Board member Nancy McCord (Wilde Lake) chose not to run for reelection. This setup a race in Wilde Lake between three candidates and was won by Christine (Tina) Marie Horn.

Image from The Rouse Project endorsement email

You can see all of the election results here:

Looking at the current CA Board of Directors page…I have updated the image with statuses:

Those noted with “No Election” remain on the CA Board

As a reminder: Columbia Association (CA) introduces Lakey Boyd as the organization’s next President/CEO. Boyd has officially accepted the position and will start on Monday, May 3 (LEARN MORE)

Scott E


  1. Wow, what a lack of racial diversity. I am speechless.
    Columbia Association Board of Directors (as of May 3, 2021): 100% White; at least there’s a good representation of women, but still, whoa….

    Columbia, Maryland Demographics 2021:
    White: 53.75%
    Black or African American: 26.57%
    Asian: 12.71%
    Two or more races: 4.96%
    Other race: 1.55%
    Native American: 0.42%
    Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: 0.04%


  2. Right on! Glad someone else noticed this. They talk the talk but dont walk the walk.
    I wont say much for fear of my comment being deleted ( I’ve noticed this site gets heavily censored depending on what views you expouse).
    Let me throw out another curve-ball. Columbia, many may not know is actually a corporate-run town. Sure it has this “association” to publicly display, but right from its genesis Rouse Company, General Growth, Hughes Corp et al. its a profit-driven enterprise. And guess who finance its coffers? Thats right – the “citizens”.
    The part where the CA land valuation goes to Maryland state is where you see the financial acrobatics start.


  3. Looks like it will the the same status quo for another two years. There have to be better efforts to get younger and more diverse members on this board.


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