Howard Community College Announces Softball As Newest Sport for 2021–2022 Season

The Howard Community College athletics department has announced that women’s softball will become its newest sponsored sport for the 2021–2022 season. The Dragons softball program will join NJCAA Division II in Region 20, which will allow for athletic scholarships to be awarded to the student-athletes.

“With the addition of softball, we are excited to start a new chapter for Howard Community College athletics,” said Director of Athletics Erin Foley. “Howard County has a great reputation for producing talented softball players, and the Howard Community College program will capitalize on this existing strength.”

The addition of softball will bring in at least 15–25 female student-athletes annually to Howard Community College. The Dragons will be the 17th community college in its region to field a softball team. More than 500 community colleges across the United States have a softball program.

With the addition of softball, Howard Community College will end its women’s lacrosse program. Participation has been down for women’s lacrosse across the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA), making it increasingly more difficult to continue women’s lacrosse as a competitive program. The Dragons women’s lacrosse team had some strong seasons with the peak being in 2017 when they advanced to the national championship.

Recruiting for the softball team will begin immediately. Any future or current students interested in playing softball are asked to complete the prospective student-athlete form on the Dragons athletics website at


Howard County Public School System has some great softball players and I look forward to watching some of them playing for HCC in the future.

Photo Credit: Israel Carunungan

Other teams in the NJCAA Division II in Region 20 include:

See more here:

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