The following information was shared (email from from Richard (Dick) Boulton) with Scott E’s Blog :

It has been confirmed by an important RP “Steering Committee” member that the RP funding has come from Merriweather and Howard Hughes. The funders have come to realize that all the secrecy was a strategic mistake and have informed other members of the group that they plan to announce their involvement following the election.

Feel free to share this information with others who may have an interest

— Dick


Scott E did a recent interview with Richard (Dick) Boulton online:

If all of this is true and The Rouse Project finally reveals the amount of money they have spent on this election cycle (and who the contributors are of that money) for SUPER local elections…it will be interesting to many in our community.

When you have this list of county bloggers asking questions…maybe that is a good thing from time to time…Howard County Bloggers looking for more information from The Rouse Project on their involvement in the Columbia Association Board races….maybe that is why the community will maybe get some answers from an entity that has been in the shadows (and totally legally) but now maybe will tell us who is behind all of this from a money aspect. That seems an important thing today.

If the list is released..and how it is released…will be very telling. Is The Rouse Project about openness and transparency…or are they about secrecy and doing their thing behind the scenes while supporting candidates that may or may not be beholden to that group (because we do not know right now).

One thing is for sure…April 24th will be interesting…

Scott E


  1. The Downtown Columbia Arts and Culture Commission is a nonprofit formed to own the Merriweather Post Pavilion on behalf of the community. The DCACC leases it to the IMA for profit concert production company.

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