Columbia listed in the Howard Hughes Corporation 4th Quarter 2020 Investor Presentation

I was unsure what direction I wanted to go with this post about the Howard Howard Hughes Corporation (HHC) as it related to their 4th Quarter 2020 Investor Presentation (dated February 2021) and so I just decided to go with share a few slides that caught my attention, link to the full presentation on the HHC website and provide a few comments.

Here are some slides that caught my eye in that presentation:

The full presentation is 113 slides…be sure to view it here if interested in the presentation:

You can find the link to this presentation on the HHC website here:

My thoughts:

This is a pitch as to why HHC is a good investment. The goal of HHC is to make money for their company and investors. That is not a bad thing.

The conversation around “Developer Influence” in Columbia or throughout Howard County is an ongoing one locally. This presentation discussing “opportunity to control cities”, “drive demand & control supply” and “Substantial control over planning, zoning, property sales and development” I am sure will be discussed in those circles that are concerned about developer influence on all aspects of life in Howard County.

As HHC participates in other activities (politics, local elections, school system decisions on redistricting and a number of other local activities) I am betting that “control cities” will be mentioned in the future.

Give the presentation a read and let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Scott E


  1. The use of the terms monopoly & substantial control…and “fortress like business and investment opportunity (slide 6) – given the recent / current landscape & “frail” school system [read: redistricting] and the potential for additional challenges for OUR students to have to endure as a result of THOUSANDS of new students absent the CURRENT infrastructure or the FUTURE guidelines [read: APFO] that will support the influx of students…

    I wish there was a more HOLISTIC view to the 40 year development planning (slide 64) that takes in to account ALL of the challenges impacting greater Columbia …. rather than piece meal via the siloed “check the box” approach, enabling compliance w/ component parts of the process and move on to the next…

    THANK YOU, Scott, for keeping info like this at our finger tips and accessible!



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