On April 7th I had the pleasure of conducting an interview with Jessamine Duvall – current Columbia Association Board member representing Hickory Ridge and candidate for that position in 2021.

We talked about a number of things:

  • Her background
  • What does a CA Board member do
  • Haven on the Lake
  • CA Pools
  • Symphony of Lights
  • The Rouse Project

Watch the interview here:

Learn more about all of the candidates running to serve on the Columbia Association Board of Directors here:


2021 candidates for Columbia Association Board of Directors in Howard County

I am working on setting up additional interviews with candidates. If you are a candidate and are interested in participating in one of these interviews feel free to reach out (

Scott E


  1. Scott you did a great job and asked the hard questions. It appears that the Rouse group only want to target members with history and real Columbia knowledge of the political and social powers of CA. Any corporation can improve but there must be justification and a plan to improve.

  2. The African American Coalition of Howard County find Ms Jessamine Duval the ideal candidate for the Columbia Council. See seems to be fully abreast of both CA posted CA Guidelines as well as the vision of The Rouse Project. Additionally, she seem to under the needs of the Black community:
    – economic inclusion, to include addressing the right of Black companies to get a fair share of CA $85 million liens as contracts ;
    – speaking out on closing the education gap of kids of Black families;
    – closing of the, as of today, 90% economic gap between Blacks and Whites (ie, national figure for the most part);
    – disportmentely addressing health conditions of Blacks families, etc.

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