Who would have thought that the local elections in the various villages around Columbia would have this much interest, controversy and activity…but it is happening in 2021.

Here are some of the latest things that have come across the radar of this blog (click the images below taken from social media to view larger versions):

Email from Liz Bobo (served as Howard County Executive and in the Maryland House of Delegates. Bobo was the first and only female Howard County Executive, serving from 1986 to 1990):

Email from The Rouse Project:


Also…reported by this blog last night:

Howard County Bloggers looking for more information from The Rouse Project on their involvement in the Columbia Association Board races

Scheduled to happen this morning at 9:00am (and Live Streamed on Scott E’s Blog Facebook Page):

I hope you tune in and listen. I am working on scheduling additional interviews with candidates in the near future (if possible).

Scott E


  1. The Rouse Project is upset because the challenger in the Dorsey’s Search election has covenant violations that the TRP deem as “borderline harassment”. Guess what, it’s Columbia, and there are many covenants here. This is nothing new and the issues should be fixed whether the person is running for the CA Board or not. I would not vote for someone to be on the CA Board — the governing body in charge of enforcing those very covenants — if they don’t even have their own property in compliance.

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