Two local bloggers have written about The Rouse Project and their involvement in the races in villages for Columbia Council (better known as the members that will serve on the Columbia Association Board of Directors).

The blog Village Green/Town² wrote the following article on April 5th: Wasted Potential. One line from that post stuck out to me: “If money and transparency weren’t important, The Rouse Project literature would not be filled with references to both.”

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Another local blogger (and podcaster) Spartan Considerations wrote the following article today (April 6th): Shadows of the Night/Promises in the Dark. The thing that struck me in that post was “So should the Rouse Project, or any other entity or individuals spending money on these elections publicly disclose their donors, donation amounts, and dates of donations prior to the election? Absolutely. The public has a right to know who is bankrolling the candidates, regardless of who the candidates are.”


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Article update: Another local blogger (Hiruy Hadgu) has been writing about this entity for a while now…so it is actually three local bloggers looking for more information:

These are a few examples I am highlighting here…if you are on various social media channels and groups you have probably seen others making comments or having questions about The Rouse Project.

This blog has covered The Rouse Project a few times in the past including an interview with a couple of their steering committee members, outlining an email The Rouse Project sent out about their “Haters” and a few other articles.

I really liked the idea of The Rouse Project enhancing and promoting community involvement in these local elections. I kind of turned a bit when they started endorsing specific candidates and that got me asking some of the same questions that the other bloggers in our county are asking now.

There is one The Rouse Project endorsed candidate that this blog would never support in their bid to represent ALL of a village in Columbia (see here). This person and her family member have been critical of this blog in ways that I find not useful. I will not get into the specifics in this post but as a blogger here in Howard County I am giving my opinion on this topic and this candidate. The village members (that vote in that election) will decide if this is the right person to represent everyone in that village.

Do you have thoughts about The Rouse Project? Let me know in the comments.

One side note…I do have an interview tomorrow morning with a candidate for Columbia Association Board of Directors to represent Hickory Ridge: (Click image to learn more)

Hopefully other candidates would like the free publicity and opportunity to answer a few questions in this way. If running and interested be sure to reach out to and we can try and set something up soon.

Scott E


  1. What do I think of The Rouse Project? I think that there is no way James Rouse would ever word anything in the way their mailers do and he would _never_ engage with folks with folks or Tweet the venom Tina Horn does. First, he would be too busy actually doing things to Tweet and, second, he was about finding common ground, not attacks, and promoting an environment where people could grown and evolve.

    Being an ally is not about centering which seems to be a secondary, if not a primary goal, of HoCo progressives. It is also not about creating a cottage industry off of the black experience the way folks like Robin DiAngelo do, writing about “White Fragility” while taking all the money from the book and speaking engagement straight the bank. It is about supporting a community to take action and make progress as a supporter, not to be the one in the spotlight.

  2. Thanks for helping to shine a light on The Rouse Project. All the signs point to them being funded by Howard Hughes Corporation.

    By now everyone has probably received a mailer or two from AfAmCoalition, endorsing the same slate of candidates as TRP. How much does city-wide mass mail cost, BTW?

    Coincidentally, AfAmCoalition’s About Us page touts their close working relationship with (take one guess) Howard Hughes Corporation.

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