The following is a listing of candidates running for Columbia Council (better known as the members of the Columbia Association Board of Directors) in 2021:

Note: candidates in bold are running for re-election in 2021:

Wilde Lake:

  • Christine (Tina) Marie Horn
  • William L. Santos
  • Steven Michael Campbell


Passcode: 26xt%ji2


Oakland Mills:

  • Rashida George
  • Virginia (Ginny) Thomas

Hickory Ridge:

  • Tradd Ritchey
  • Jessamine Duvall


Kings Contrivance:

  • Shari Zaret
  • Broderick Young

Long Reach:

  • Janet Evans
  • Adam Herson

Dorsey’s Search:

  • Richard Boulton
  • Marlon Brown

River Hill:

  • Renée Freal DuBois

The Rouse Project has been very involved in the village election process this year. I have conducted an interview with members of The Rouse Project (watch here) and have done my best to keep up with what they are doing in regards to their influence in the village elections.

They did send out an email a little while back endorsing the following candidates:

Interesting fact: two of the five candidates (or 40% of “their” candidates) they support are not actually on the ballots in the villages this election cycle for Columbia Council: Mark Cruz and Dipper Wettstein.

Mailers and signs are starting to show up around Columbia but I can not say for sure if the money for these are coming from The Rouse Project or the candidates. There is no formal reporting required for these races so money can literally come from anywhere to influence these local races.

Here is a public image making the rounds on social media showing one of the signs for Marlon Brown:

You can view this image here:[0]=AZX-XN8aSG1P-H7NTahlIxOl2rHF-An45vtCTXiYAOfcMDDua1WGpyEFH8Xdg80Cp5r7vrMPX_DIxkGJZd0FlxuHV-fAG08YCtTA9maANABggwiNnAet3CPgGSqjvAFFzB4&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

If you have seen other signs showing up in villages be sure to send photos of those signs along to me…as I would be interested to see who has the money to put out yard signs for these very local races.

Another image that has shown up recently is this:

See the image here:[0]=AZWg4KMRM86-HIfo0_J0Ay0J8S0HBWsRQuZCxFnJocHu6102RnRcS6Mw7B6RX8MJzcbDl8ZNKR6U2AD8sNViZr0zJfkb2nPD8wccCVHAjToSO_Jba9i9CkS1EzDx1HzkLubZNT7IE3BmK0UEMtj8Iw7QBFYscWds9rlszV7yD2zfFw&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

At this point I do not know if this is an official “slate” of candidates running or who made this image…just that is has been shared by Marlon Brown and others on social media.

If there is other information on these races you think I should know feel free to send that along to

Here is information about village elections in 2021 covered by this blog to date:

Now that my life might be getting back to normal…I may try and setup some online interviews with candidates for CA Board in some of the Village Elections. This might be a good way to promote the upcoming elections and learn a little about the candidates. Stay tuned as I will announce those interviews on Scott E’s Blog Facebook page and post those interviews on the blog site.

At least one candidate has reached out and I will be following up soon (sorry it has taken so long to get to these interviews but I felt like I should write up all of the village voting information and I had some other personal stuff happening that has made my life busy recently).

I generally try to stay out of elections but there is one of these races I will weigh into this election cycle. Not in this article, so stay tuned for that upcoming article on who I will (or will not) be supporting officially for Columbia Council this election cycle.

Scott E


  1. It should be pointed out that Dorsey’s Search election information on Marlon Brown’s election materials were printed before the rules were finalized and is incorrect. Call the village office (410-730-4005) for the actual information.

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