With Village Elections in Columbia less than a month away (April 24th) three villages still have not provided a listing of candidates on their websites: Dorsey Search, Long Reach and River Hill.

This is SUPER disappointing. People wonder why turnout is so low in these elections…the Villages waiting this long to provide information to the communities might be part of the problem.

Here is what I could find for the Village of Dorsey Search at this point:


Nothing on their website about the election (no page and no specific post). Under Community News in the latest version of The Scroll you can find this information:

See more here: https://dorseyssearch.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/March2021Newxletter.pdf

Here is what I could find for the Village of Long Reach at this point:

(Notice the “Coming Soon” items…so no listing of candidates or voting information yet for their community on their website).

See more here: https://longreach.org/election/

Here is what I could find for the Village of River Hill at this point:

(No listing of candidates yet on the website).

See more here:  https://www.villageofriverhill.org/run-for-election/

A source provided Scott E’s Blog the following about the upcoming Village of River Hill Elections:

A couple of thoughts on what was provided:

  • So the Village does have this information but the Village has not updated their website with the names yet. This is a bit disappointing.
  • Dipper Wettstein has been promoting a run for Columbia Council (better known as the Columbia Association Board of Directors) representing River Hill but it now appears that he will be seeking a seat on the Village Board of Directors. I have some additional details on this but will hold on them until I get additional confirmations or comments about the information.

Here is information about other Village Elections in 2021 covered by this blog to date:

If the three villages noted do release information in the near future I will try and get out information to my readers.

If you have any contact within the villages with Board members or others that can get information out to voters, please reach out ASAP and ask the villages to provide this information on their websites. Information is critical.

I am also planning a post containing all of the candidates for Columbia Council in each village. I may also include endorsements or other information I find relevant to those candidates.

Scott E


  1. You migth want to mention that you and the Rouse Project are not interested in the Owen Brown Elections because even though there are elections, there is no one running as the CA Rep.

      • I know I have some others to look into….started with these (for a very specific reason). I will try and get to the others as well (Owen Brown, Harpers Choice and Town Center)

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