Many of the COVID-19 numbers have continued to rise across Maryland, Howard County and Carroll County. Here are my weekly charts that will show you a look at the trends in 2021 to date:

Here is the weekly look at the number of COVID-19 cases:

Weekly look at the number of deaths due to COVID-19 in Maryland:

Weekly look at the number of people “hospitalized” in Maryland:


Number of people currently hospitalized in Maryland:

Positivity rate for Maryland, Howard County and Carroll County:

Vaccine distribution by week in Maryland, Howard County and Carroll County:

My Notes:

The COVID-19 increases remain concerning. Rises in new cases, people hospitalized, total beds in use and positivity rates shows we are far from over this pandemic yet.

Seeing the number of vaccines distributed continue to rise across the state is a good thing. Hopefully these number start to rise even more significantly going forward.

The number of vaccines distributed in Howard County and Carroll County seem flat. I would bet this is due to limited supply. I really hope to see the local number of vaccines distributed rise above what we have seen over the past three or four weeks.

If interested in the data, be sure to check out my Google Tracking Spreadsheet (Note – I am only updating the numbers in the weekly and monthly tabs right now – there are plenty of resources out there for the daily numbers)

See past weekly update charts here:

Scott E