Howard County to Announce Community Based Mobile Testing 

Howard County Executive Calvin Ball will introduce new community-based mobile testing at four locations throughout Howard County on Monday, March 29 at 4:30 p.m. at the Long Reach Village Center. The mobile testing will be operated by First Call Urgent Care.  

“Testing that is accessible, reliable, and widely available helps us to prevent outbreaks and slow the spread of the virus,” said Ball. “Just as we’ve added mobile vaccination clinics in recent weeks, it is important to have mobile testing in our community. These mobile sites will be more accessible to our community, provide quick test results, and improve our ability to contain COVID-19.”  


WHAT:             Mobile Testing Press Conference   

WHEN:             Monday, March 29 at 4:30 p.m. 

WHERE:          Long Reach Village Center, 8775 Cloudleap Court, Columbia, MD 21045 


  • Calvin Ball, Howard County Executive 
  • Dr. Maura Rossman, Howard County Health Officer 
  • Colleen Morris, President, Howard County Educators Association 
  • Dr. Arvind Narasimhan, M.D., Medical Director of Acute Care, First Call Urgent Care
  • Brad Eyre, Business Manager, Eyre Bus, Tour & Travel 


I will either attend this event to get photos for the community or I will embed the video of the event (or both) here on this page.

One question I have this morning…why is the President of the HCEA part of this event? I am not saying this to be mean but more so out of confusion of what is posted about this event and then seeing Colleen Morris listed as part of this event. Maybe there is more to this event than what is posted in the description? I honestly do not know right now…but I am interested.

Scott E