The Stop Asian Hate Rally is happening today in Columbia. Here is the information for those interested in attending:

From the event on Facebook:

Please join the #StopAsianHate solidarity rally with AAPI communities on Wednesday, March 24, 5:30pm at the Columbia Lakefront.

Columbia Lakefront, 10275 Wincopin Cir, Columbia, MD 21044

Wednesday, March 24, 2021 at 5:30 PM EDT – 7 PM EDT


View the event on Facebook here:

Howard County Executive Calvin Ball sent out the following message yesterday (Via The Ball Bulletin):

Dear friends,

Howard County takes pride as one of the most diverse and inclusive communities across the nation. Our Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community members have persevered through prejudice and exploitation, all while playing a vital role in our growth, culture, and society. We are extremely disheartened by the violence in Georgia, which was targeted toward Asian Americans. Our hearts go out to families of the victims and those who may be suffering in silence.

We wholeheartedly oppose hate bias of any kind toward any of our minority communities, but especially amongst our AAPI community who have been subject to recent hate bias in Howard County and around our nation. We all have a responsibility to ensure that all our residents feel safe, respected, and treated with the dignity that we all deserve. The County’s vision of community is a constant work in progress, which is why workgroups like the AAPI Workgroup were founded.

As President Biden recently said, ‘Hatred against Asian Americans is un-American.’ We must unite to eradicate any hate and create a welcoming community where every person can live their best life. If we want to go far, we must go together and be the change we seek. I stand proudly in support of our AAPI community and encourage every resident to do their part to eliminate any negative bias in their circles.

On Wednesday, March 24th, at 5:30 p.m., there will be a Stop Asian Hate Solidarity Rally with AAPI Communities at the Columbia Lakefront to honor those we lost to violence and to stand up up to hate toward the AAPI community. I hope you will join us.

A few of the other locally elected officials have indicated they support this event and may be at the event today (via posts on Facebook I have seen up to this point):

See all local elected Facebook pages here:

My hope is to make it out today and get photos of the event for the blog readers. My problem is that I am scheduled to do some work for a client at that time and I might not be able to reschedule that work in order to make it out to the event. That darn work thing that pays the bills always getting in the way of my hobby.

If I do not make it out to the event and YOU want to provide some photos of the event today for the community, feel free to send them along ( and I will post them tomorrow morning and provide you full photo credit in the post.

I hope this is a well attended event and one that brings our community a little closer together going forward.

Scott E