You can find this information on the Hickory Ridge Community Association website:

Hickory Ridge Village Elections will be held on Saturday, April 24, 2021.

Residents will elect one member to serve on the CA Board of Directors and five to sit on the Hickory Ridge Village Board.

Twelve village residents submitted statements to run for the Village Board by the March 12 deadline. They are:

  • Janssen Evelyn
  • William Inglis
  • Fred Johnston
  • Debra McPherson
  • Kristine Amari
  • Lisa Dean
  • Tradd Ritchey
  • Laura All
  • Paul Armstrong
  • Gregg Schwind
  • Jesse Harvey
  • Skye Anderson

Two residents submitted statements to run to represent Hickory Ridge on the Columbia Association Board of Directors:

  • Tradd Ritchey
  • Jessamine Duvall

Candidate statements are here: 2021 Candidate’s Statements. The statements will also be published in a special election supplement of The Flier and in our our village newsletter.

We are looking for a few residents to help the village with its 2021 election on Sat, April 24, 2020 9 am noon. The time commitment is minimal. If you are willing to help or have questions, email or call the village office at 410-730-7327.


The current Village of Hickory Ridge CA Board member is Jessamine Duvall

This is by far the least information provided by a Village Center about the upcoming elections of the three village centers I have written about to date. This is not the worst of all Village Venters, as some Village Centers still have little to no information about the upcoming village elections.

I am covering information about one Village Center per day and starting with those that have information. I am trying to give those Village Centers with no information a little time to get that information out to the community.

I will document those that have no information about the upcoming elections when I get to them…and then also begin to ask why at this point there is no information to the community.

Other Village Centers on my list include:

  • Dorsey’s Search
  • Kings Contrivance
  • Long Reach
  • River Hill

Here is information about other village elections in 2021 covered by this blog:

I may try and setup some online interviews with candidates for CA Board in some of the Village Center elections. This might be a good way to promote the upcoming elections and learn a little about the candidates. Stay tuned as I will announce those interviews on Scott E’s Blog Facebook page and post those interviews on the blog site.

Scott E


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