You can find this information on the Oakland Mills Community Association website:

Oakland Mills Announces Candidates for Village Elections

The following is a list of candidates who are running for the Oakland Mills Board of Directors (six candidates/seven open seats):

Rebecca Bryant
Jonathan Edelson
Lynn-Steven Engelke
William R. McCormack Jr.
Rena Ross
Warren Wortman

This is a non-contested election, and all candidates will be deemed elected to hold office beginning May 1, 2021. Their names will not be included on the ballot.


The following is a list of candidates running for the Columbia Council Representative Seat from Oakland Mills (one open seat/two candidates):

Rashida George
Virginia (Ginny) Thomas

This is a contested race for the Columbia Council Representative, and the candidate names will appear on the ballot.

Due to the ongoing concerns with Covid19 voting will be done by mail-in ballot only. There will be no in person voting on Election Day, April 24th. The community will send out an election mailing to all properties in Oakland Mills (apartments, condos, townhomes, quads, single family) in late March/early April. The mailing will include a ballot, a proposed amendment to the OMCA By-Laws, and a postage paid return envelope. We encourage everyone to read the mailing carefully, fill out the ballot, vote for/against the by-law amendment, and return the ballot/amendment as soon as possible to ensure timely delivery. (Ballots must be postmarked on or before April 24th.)

Virtual Candidate Forum
Tuesday, April 6 at 7:00 p.m.

Meeting Link:

Additional information will be provided in the coming weeks about the election process, candidate forum, and election mailing.

Volunteers Needed on April 24th To Count Ballots From Home

We are looking for a few more volunteers to assist with counting ballots from home on election day, April 24, 2021. The time commitment is between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. All ballots are cross checked and verified by other counters and the process is clearly explained to all volunteers.

If you can help that day please email Sandy Cederbaum at


This calendar is based on a contested race for either OM Board or Columbia Council Rep.

Tues., Jan.  26
Election Committee members and Chair appointed, 2020 Election Guidelines approved by the Oakland Mills Board

 Tues., Feb. 16, 9:00 a.m.
Candidate Packets” including “Nomination Petitions/e-nomination petitions” are available beginning on this date on the Oakland Mills Website  and arrangements can be made with the village manager to pick up a “hard” copy of the packet in lieu of download from the website.

Sat. Feb. 2010:00 a.m.
Virtual Information Session
 for those interested in serving on the CA Board of Directors.  Follow this LINK.

Mon., March 1, 6:30 p.m.
Virtual Information Session on Serving on OM Board/CCR – learn more about serving on the Oakland Mills Board or as a Columbia Council Representative. Session will be held virtually on zoom at this link:

Fri., March 12, 4:00 p.m.
Candidate “Nomination Petitions” due. Nomination petitions can be submitted by email or in person on 3/12. Staff available at The Other Barn on March 12 between 3:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. to receive nomination petition or will accept until that date/time by email.

Drawing of names to determine placement order on the election ballot

Mon., March 15
Candidate Statements (both 150 and 100 word count) due – statements must be sent by email to both and office@oaklandmills.orgStatements are expected from all candidates regardless of whether the election is contested or non-contested.

April 1 – April 20
Oakland Mills Covenant Advisor will inspect each Board candidate’s property and issue either a Letter of Covenant Compliance or a Letter of Non-Compliance.  (Refer to By-Laws and Covenant Compliance Policy in the Board Candidate Packet.)

Late March/Early April
Election Newsletter w/Ballot to be mailed to every OM property, including all single family, townhome, quad, condo, and apartments.

Tues., April 6, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Virtual Candidate Forum. Format details to follow. Forum link:

Sat., April 24
Election Day
 – all valid ballots postmarked on or before this date will begin being counted and continue until April 30, the last date to accept ballots postmarked on or before April 24. Ballot tallying will be done by the Election Monitor Committee.

All valid ballots postmarked on or before April 24, 2021 and received by April 30, 2021 will be counted.

May 1, 2020
2021-2022 Board and CCR Term Begins

OMCA Board and CA Board Election Information

Who are we and why do we hold elections?

The Oakland Mills Community Association (OMCA) is a non-profit civic organization whose purpose is to promote the health, safety, common good, and social welfare of all its village members (owners of property within Oakland Mills’ (OM) three neighborhoods–Steven’s Forest, Talbott Springs, and Thunder Hill–and tenants who reside on property within Oakland Mills under a written lease). OMCA’s Board of Directors and its representative to the Columbia Council are elected ANNUALLY by the members to manage the business and affairs of OMCA.

So what are the OMCA elections anyway?

Members of the Oakland Mills Community Association (owners and renters of property in the village–that’s you!) will elect individuals to serve one-year terms on the OMCA Board of Directors. The OMCA Board meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. Members of the Board serve on the Architectural Committee and on various Board committees, advocate for village needs, and create opportunities for residents to become active in the life of the community.

Each year members will also elect one person to serve a one-year term as Oakland Mills’ representative to the Columbia Council/Columbia Association (CA) Board. The CA Board meets the fourth Thursday of the month and determines Columbia Association policies and spending priorities for your assessment dollars. There are many meetings and obligations for the CA Board, and detailed information on that position can be obtained from the Columbia Association (Office of the President/CEO).

Roles and Responsibilities – In a Nutshell!

Whether you choose to run for a village board seat or for the Columbia Council seat (CA Board), you become part of a grassroots process to make a difference in your community.  With this comes an obligation to uphold the village’s legal and fiduciary responsibilities as a board member.  Each role also comes with a commitment of time to be involved in Oakland Mills, Columbia, and Howard County meetings, events, and programs.  Along with all of the obligations and responsibilities are the rewards of serving your community.

Covenant Compliance ~ What does this mean?

(Amendment to the Oakland Mills Community Association By-Laws, Article II, Board of Directors, Section 2.03 Election of Directors. Approved April 17, 1999)

2.03A.  In order to serve on the Village Board, candidates owning property in Oakland Mills must, upon election, obtain a Certificate of Compliance within 60 days.

“Covenant compliance” pertains to properties in Oakland Mills being in compliance with Village Architectural Covenants.  (Candidate packets include village legal documents for your reference.)

Who is “in charge” of the Elections?  Who can I call/email/meet with?

The Village elections are administered by the Oakland Mills Election Monitor Committee (EMC).  The committee is comprised of OM residents.  We are fortunate in Oakland Mills to have dedicated committee members, many of whom have volunteered for the EMC for 40+ years.  We always welcome newcomers!

In closing…  

Please feel free to contact me with any election-related questions or for additional information.  I also recommend that those considering candidacy attend upcoming village board meetings.  If you are considering running for the Council Rep (CA Board) I encourage you to attend CA Board meetings.  There is much to be said for seeing how the boards operate and become aware of the current issues facing the village.

Sandy Cederbaum, Village Manager

The current Village of Oakland Mills/CA Board member is Virginia (“Ginny”) Thomas.

I will have more on this local race at a later date with additional information about the candidates.

Here is information about other village elections in 2021 from this blog:

Scott E