Here is the weekly recap of Howard County Public School System (HCPSS) Varsity Field Hockey:

Scores: (see all scores here)

March 15th:

  • Centennial 5, Hammond 0 (Photos)
  • River Hill 2, Mt. Hebron 1 (Photos)
  • Glenelg 5, Reservoir 1
  • Marriotts Ridge 3, Howard 0
  • Wilde Lake 2, Long Reach 1
  • Atholton 10, Oakland Mills 0

March 17th:

  • Atholton 3, Long Reach 0
  • Hammond 5, Oakland Mills 0
  • Centennial 8, Wilde Lake 0
  • River Hill 2, Howard 1
  • Marriotts Ridge 2, Reservoir 1
  • Glenelg 1, Mt. Hebron 0




You get photos from two games this week:

  • River Hill over Mt. Hebron on March 15th (from Michele Fuhrman)

  • Centennial over Hammond on March 15th (from Scott E)

Scott E’s Blog Power 4 Ranking

(Top 4 teams in Howard County Field Hockey per Scott E’s Blog)

Notes: This is something new I thought might be fun. Here are my rankings and why:

#1 Centennial – This team is undefeated and has outscored opponents 35 to 0 so far this season.

#2 River Hill – River Hill does not have a loss this season and has been the model of consistency winning every game 2 to 1.

#3 Glenelg – Glenelg only has 1 loss this season (to River Hill) and has scored the most goals in Division A (10 goals on the season) and has the highest goal differential in Division A (+7 goals).

#4 Atholton – Atholton only has one loss this season (to Centennial 0 – 11).

Other teams to keep an eye on:

Hammond (currently 2 – 2): Held Centennial to only 5 goals (lowest offensive output by Centennial this season so far).

I will try and update this POWER 4 RANKING in the weekly updates as the season moves forward.

Keep up with all sports articles and standings here:

Scott E