The lawsuit filed by parents to “unravel gridlock preventing children from returning to school” is headed to Circuit Court today at 8:30am.

Scott E’s Blog has published the following updates to this story over the past few months:

You may be able to actually listen to the case online today:


  • Courts will allow members of the public and press to access remote hearings with the exception of non-public hearings via audio conference/telephone access.
  • The courts will provide information on audio access via the clerk’s office or posted online.


Remote Hearing Details:

Phone number: 833 568 8864
Meeting ID: 161 828 8534

(Note – there may be a passcode needed as well and I am working to see if that is needed to listen to the audio of this case. If I get confirmation of a public passcode I will post that to this article.)

ARTICLE UPDATE: There is no need for a passcode to enter the meeting

More information can be found at

View the docket for Civil Court today here:


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