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Emerson Community Association announced a partnership with Howard EcoWorks that will provide for restoration of a forest conservation easement through invasive species management, the addition of fifty native understory trees, and installation of a new Bayscape garden. There will also be an educational component to the partnership, providing local schools and residents information on native species and wildlife, training in identifying and controlling invasive species, and volunteer opportunities. The effort is coordinated with the Howard County Department of Recreation and Parks and is part of the Association’s effort to support the County’s Forest Conservation and Green Neighborhoods initiative. The member-led Association is committed to making the Emerson community a leader in environmental stewardship and habitat protection. The Association is also installing native pollinator gardens anchored by Little Free Libraries in four community parks. Emerson Environment and Habitat Protection Initiative leader, Jean Silver-Isenstadt, said, “Positive actions taken at the individual and neighborhood level will collectively offer tremendous benefit for wildlife, water, soil, and forest health. It’s exciting to see the HOA lead like this, appreciating the value of Emerson’s natural resources.”

Lori Lilly, Executive Director of Howard EcoWorks said, “We are extremely excited to work with the Emerson HOA on this forest restoration project, the first that we are aware of on private property in Howard County. We intend to show measurable results with our activities through collection of data before and after our work and a thoughtful work plan that enhances and rejuvenates the forest.”


Here is the press release PDF: PRESS RELEASE_ECOWorks_09 Mar21


Scott E