I received the following statement via email this morning from the Howard County Public School System (Brian Bassett – Senior Communication Strategist)

We know from experiences in other districts that as positive cases come up on athletic teams or teammates are exposed, close contacts may be asked to quarantine per Health Department guidelines. Identified close contacts and students/families who are impacted by changes to the athletic calendar are contacted directly. If a larger public health notice is needed, HCPSS will work with the Health Department. Any changes to game schedules will be reflected on CountySportsZone as quickly as possible which is accessible from the HCPSS website. In addition, the HCPSS dashboard will be updated daily beginning tomorrow to ensure the community has information about positive cases in schools as they occur.

We continue to remind families and staff to ensure they are following guidelines regarding self-checks, self-quarantine as directed by guidelines or health staff, and follow all precautions regarding mask wearing and social distancing.



I appreciate this update from the Howard County Public School System. If I am going to ding them for not responding, I should also give them credit when they do provide a response to my questions.

Here is the link to CountySportsZone for those interested in athletic schedules in Howard County:  https://www.countysports.zone/scores?selectedCountyId=4O-g1NYFMMVxm7Xz2ACaQ&selectedDate=2021-03-09&selectedSchoolId&selectedSportId&selectedStateId=qC5FViFvLELikus3onZVb

I will do my best to track schedule changes when I know about them but this may be a near impossible task to keep straight as the season moves forward (because there is no way that I know of to download the schedules from CountySportsZone).

Scott E


  1. A link to the dashboard would also be helpful in the future. I haven’t found it to be that easy to find when I look for it.

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