The following statement was posted by Howard County Council Member Liz Walsh on March 9th:

I condemn racism, bigotry, xenophobia, hate in all their forms. I condemn setting fire to your neighbor’s house. I condemn excessively strip-searching civil immigration detainees held for profit at a County facility.

I condemn the bullying, the viciousness, the intolerance I see so many of our community engaged in—seemingly constantly—on line.

I condemn the always condemning.


As to the public hearing held by the Council’s Racial Equity Task Force last Thursday—and particularly in light of anti-Asian sentiment, and worse, inflamed by this country’s own former President—I wish that some of what was said then and how it was handled went differently than it did. I am sorry that evening’s events caused pain to anyone then and since, particularly our Chinese, Korean and Latinx neighbors.

I wish we didn’t hear horrible things in public hearings, all the time. I wish more that people didn’t think those horrible things and sometimes even act on them. I wish we all had perfect grace all the time, and perfect processes to act gracefully in. I wish all our kids and all their grandparents felt respected, safe and loved all the time.

To even begin to get to a place like that, though, we need to find a way to come together as a community, to listen, to learn, to share, to actually care about one another. I hope you do. I hope we can.


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This is kind of the story that just keep on giving. I wonder if our County Executive or the Racial Equity Task Force will be next to release a statement. If they do (and I see it) I will be sure to let the community know here on the blog.

Scott E


  1. Why do we have this Racial task force , to begin with ?
    I’m not sure anymore which race is the one suffering the most and requiring a task force. How about the white race, is this one also suffering discrimination?
    One should be mindful that pushing too much the race issue may actually create at some point the opposite, which nobody wants.

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