The following text from an email to JV Football Families of Glenelg High School in Howard County was shared with Scott E’s Blog (and a second parent of a Glenelg JV football player confirmed they received the email as well):

Subject: JV Football

Dear JV Football Families

We will be pausing JV Football Activities for Monday March 8th as we gather more information from our Health Department. We will send a follow up email with more information as soon as we receive.

JV Football athletes should not attend in person school or practice until we are approved to return. Please notify myself or Kim Rullan (school nurse) if any symptoms or positive cases arise.



Dan Sageman, CAA
Athletics & Activities Manager
Glenelg High School
14025 Burntwoods Road
Glenelg, MD 21737

Tim Cullen
Physical Education
Varsity Football
Glenelg High School

I have reached out via email to Mr. Sageman and CC’d members of the Howard County Public School System (Superintendent and the Coordinator of Athletics) and the Board of Education for additional information.

I called Glenelg High School this morning and staff were in meetings and were not able to take my call to confirm this story.

I also called the HCPSS Athletics Department and no one was available to answer my questions and I was told my request would be forwarded to the Communications Department and someone would follow up.

So…I am waiting on a response to what this means for football this week and all other sports for that school and in the county.

If I get more information from the school, HCPSS staff or Board of Education I will update this article or put out a new article if this is bigger than just this one sport at this one school.

Scott E


  1. I am curious to know why you have not reported on the fact that two other schools had issues regarding POSSIBLE Covid exposure? These kids just want to play, and the fact that we are making this sound like some big story does not help the students. How about posting a story about the hundreds of students back in Howard County Sports safely. How about praising AD’s like Mr Sageman for looking out for the kids and being proactive. All this story does is incite fear, again.

    • George, you are absolutely correct. Mr. Sageman is the best AAD in the county and has worked tirelessly, as have all of the coaches, to make sure Glenelg has a safe and successful season. This smacks of a hit piece. Typical.

      • Can we just take it down a notch? Scott E didnt say he was Nostradamus, and if you have information on other schools, why not tell him instead of slinging poop?

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