It is being reported to Scott E’s Blog that the following email was sent to the Mt. Hebron High JV Football players/parents in Howard County:


You have been exposed to a positive covid on Saturday. Unless you hear otherwise, you are quarantined for 14 days. You may resume activities/in-school on 3/21/21.

Karen Torpey RN, BHA, NCSN
Cluster Nurse


I removed the headers of this email as to not release parents or players email addresses.

I did call the number and it was confirmed that this email did go out to the players/parents.

This is related to the story earlier today “Parents report COVID-19 concerns pause JV Football at Glenelg High School in Howard County“.

Mt. Hebron played Glenelg in JV Football on Saturday March 6th in a scrimmage game:

My guess is that Glenelg JV Football players will be under this same quarantine protocol until March 21st.

As of this post there has been no public information from the Howard County Public School System on their website or social media channels. I have also not received any updates from my outreach this morning.

I will continue to track this information as I receive information or as information is released to the public.

Scott E


  1. Please keep up the reporting and updating of articles on this issue. I don’t see how that a nurse can unilaterally declare that she knows everyone who was there on Saturday was “exposed.” CDC says exposure is being less than 6 feet from a COVID positive person for 15 minutes or greater. Football players, staff, and supporting students and certainly the parents in the stands, cannot be considered to meet that criteria. Can they?

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