Columbia Association Board of Directors Approves FY 2022 Budget; Includes Opening 15 Neighborhood Pools

Columbia Association’s (CA) Board of Directors approved the organization’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 budget. FY 2022 officially begins May 1, 2021, and ends April 30, 2022. The Board has spent the last several weeks discussing the proposal from CA leadership and considering input from the public.

Estimated revenue for FY 2022 is $63.6 million, almost $20 million below the original estimate for the last fiscal year.

“It is safe to say we have all had to change our expectations of ‘normal.’ While some shifts may be temporary, it is inevitable that some changes will be with CA for years to come. As an organization, we embrace all changes that help us focus on our service to the Columbia community and our role, along with our community partners, to enhance the quality of life here,” President/CEO Milton W. Matthews said.

Here are some of the significant items that fall under this approved FY 2022 budget:

​​​​No increase in annual charge rates

There is no increase in the annual charge rate (currently at $0.68 per $100 of assessed valuation) in FY 2022. The cap will also remain at 3.5%.​​​​​

Reopening 15 of our neighborhood pools

With the approval of the FY 2022 budget, CA plans to open the following pools this summer:

  • Clemens Crossing (CCP)
  • Dickinson (DIP)
  • Dorsey Hall (DHP)
  • Hawthorn (HAP)
  • Hobbit’s Glen (HGP)
  • Hopewell Mini WaterPark (HWP)
  • Huntington (HUP)
  • Kendall Ridge (KRP)
  • Longfellow (LFP)
  • Phelps Luck (PLP)
  • River Hill (RHP)
  • Running Brook (RBP)
  • Steven’s Forest (SFP)
  • Swansfield Mini Water Park (SWP)
  • Thunder Hill (THP)

Click here for a map of the pools opening this summer.

“CA looks forward to bringing back this summer tradition for this community, but it’s important to understand how different this experience will be compared to years past,” Sports & Fitness Director Dan Burns said. “Even taking increased vaccinations and declining case numbers into consideration, restrictions will still be necessary to keep everyone safe. We’re counting on our team members and pool guests to be prepared to adapt.”

For more information on the outdoor pool season, visit CA also encourages anyone interested in pool-related updates to sign up for the CA Swim newsletter and CA Swim on Facebook and Twitter.

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Ceasing operations of Haven on the Lake

Effective May 1, 2021, CA will no longer operate Haven on the Lake in the building owned by Howard Hughes Corporation on the Downtown Lakefront.

“I believe in what Haven on the Lake brings to this community and know what this unique and very special facility means to its members,” Sports & Fitness Director Dan Burns said. “That said, as stewards of CA’s finances, keeping Haven open would be irresponsible for the organization and the community in light of other difficult decisions we have had to make.”

Keeping Haven on the Lake open would result in a more than $430,000 net loss every year in addition to rent and other fixed costs. ​​​​​​

Before-and-after school care at 20 schools

Assuming more Howard County students will resume in-person instruction this fall, CA is prepared to reopen before-and-after school care at 20 locations for the 2021-2022 school year.

The FY 2022 budget also funds a handful of camps this summer. CA plans to release that information in March.

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The return of international and multicultural programming

CA will bring back a full-time Program Manager for the International and Multicultural program who will re-establish communications and plan future exchanges with Columbia’s Sister Cities in France, Spain, Ghana, Haiti and China. The Program Manager will also reinstate some of the local cultural programming we haven’t been able to gather for, such as Cultural Cafes.

Pre-pandemic maintenance levels in open space

CA will continue to invest in the maintenance, upkeep and improvement of its more than 3,600 acres of open space and nearly 100 miles of pathways. That routine work will return to pre-COVID levels, including response to both urgent and non-urgent work orders.

“The effects of the pandemic have tested the adaptability of our organization and its aftermath will continue to do so for years to come,” President/CEO Milton W. Matthews said. “Yet, here we are roughly a year following the initial shut down with a budget for a new fiscal year that provides more of our services, programs and activities, and reopens more of our facilities in the coming months. It is truly a testament to the resilience of all community stakeholders and the CA team members who have kept us going through this difficult time. We could not have done it without you.”​​​​​


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