The decision by Howard County Education Association members to participate in the “Work-To-Rule” procedures has made national news. Last night on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News:

Ok…a couple of things about this mention on national news:

  • He calls us Baltimore. When you are not from around here that is what we are called by most people.
  • Yep – It is Fox News. I understand that even before any of you come at me about it. But it is still a national news story.

This is not the first time the Howard County education system has made national news. Multiple times during the redistricting process in 2019 major news outlets discussed Howard County. Here are a couple of examples:

New York Times:


Is this a thing for our school system? Have major controversies over issues (like redistricting / returning students to school) and then make the national news cycles…and not for good reasons?

I look forward to the day when we return to being mentioned for all of the positive things about our school system and not this stuff. Howard County has one of the best school systems in the nation and news mentions about that fact is what I look forward to hearing about in the future.

Here is additional information about the Work-To-Rule decision:

It was announced back on February 17th that the “Howard County Education Association members voted to authorize work-to-rule with 91% in favor of working-to-rule“. Work-To-Rule began on February 22, 2021.

February 10th: Howard County Education Association Building Representatives passed a resolution authorizing Work-to-Rule status by a vote of 96% to 4%

February 3rd: Howard County Education Association Board of Directors voted unanimously to approve a resolution authorizing Work to Rule effective Feb 22nd

Some additional information about the vaccination progress of the HCPSS workforce:

HCPSS Superintendent reports approximately 60% of the total workforce for the HCPSS has received or are scheduled to receive their first COVID-19 vaccine dose

Approximately 4.7% of the Howard County Public School System workforce responded in the latest survey they do not intend to receive the COVID-19 vaccine

Scott E


  1. One of my sons HS teachers said in class today “ no one likes the new schedule” and said if they (students)don’t like it they should go to the board of education and protest.


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