Reported on February 24th by the Howard County Health Department:

IMPORTANT: Our team has been informed that a link to register for the COVID-19 vaccine at our clinic on Thu (2/25) has been made public. This clinic is ONLY for adults with developmental disabilities and medical documentation of a person’s diagnosis will be required. The intent of this group is to vaccinate persons with significant disabilities requiring support to live outside a congregant facility. Appointments are extremely limited and each appointment made by someone not eligible is taking away an appointment for a high-risk individual in this population.

If you did not receive the registration link directly from the Health Department and are not diagnosed with a developmental disability (or helping to register someone with a developmental disability), you will be turned away. Additional care is taken to ensure a comfortable atmosphere at our clinic sites for this vulnerable population and individuals arriving without valid appointments adds to the stress of this experience.

We remain committed to providing additional vaccine appointments each time we receive additional supply, and we will not stop until everyone in HoCo who wants a vaccine has had their shots. We’re grateful for your patience in this difficult time, and ask for your continued support as we work to protect our entire community, beginning with these most vulnerable citizens.



I remain a strong supporter of our Health Department and their team during this difficult time. That being said, there has to be a technology fix to this issue of public links for signups making it out to the public (I say this as someone that works in the technology field).

The last report of this (that I know of) was on February 20th:  Howard County Health Department warns not to use a shared public link to register for the COVID-19 vaccine for February 20th

Maybe it is time that the Howard County Executive get involved and get his top Information Technology people on this issue. This just makes things more and more confusing for the residents in our county.

Scott E


  1. I’d like to know if that email tells the recipients not to forward it up front, and if not – why not? If it does, then blame needs to go on the recipents for not being responsible.

    Can those emails go out with unique IDs embedded in the links to prevent this? Sure. Should they have to? No.

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