Howard County Councilmembers Deb Jung and Opel Jones File Legislation to Expand Tax Credit to Help Seniors Age in Place

Councilmembers Deb Jung and Dr. Opel Jones co-introduced legislation that will allow those who have lived in their homes for 35 years or more and who are 65 years or older to take advantage of a tax credit to promote aging in place for the County’s seniors. CB23-2021 will expand the residency requirement so that more longtime residents can take advantage of an annual property tax discount. The co-sponsors have been joined in support of this bill by their three Council colleagues.

“As co-introducer of this bill, I am so pleased that we are able to provide this assistance to those who have helped support our County for many years as taxpaying residents. Through their financial contributions, these longtime residents have helped make Howard County one of the best places to live in the Country. This bill recognizes their commitment to our community,” said Councilmember Deb Jung.

In 2019 the General Assembly removed the 40-year residency minimum requirement from the Property Tax Credit for Elderly Individuals in Howard County statute. This enabling legislation then allowed the Howard County Council to expand the tax credit to individuals who have lived in the same home for 35 years. The bill includes a phased-in approach over the next three years. This tax credit provides a 20% discount up to $500,000 of assessed property value for five non-consecutive years.

Councilmember Walsh noted, “What a perfect time to improve upon our aging-in-place tax credit, during a pandemic when we’re still not able to vaccinate the eldest and most vulnerable among us and public health guidance still advises they stay healthy, at home. I am delighted to join a unanimous Council in our support of this bill.”

“Through their decades of property tax payments and other contributions, thousands of long-time residents helped create much of what we enjoy in Howard County. I hope this expanded tax credit will help them remain a part of our community for years to come,” said Councilmember Yungmann in support of the bill, which is truly a bipartisan effort.

The public will have an opportunity to testify on this bill on March 15th. The Councilmembers will vote on the legislation on April 5th.

To read CB23-2021, visit


Here is the PDF version of the press release:  2021-02-18-Press Release-Aging in Place

If I am going to pick on this County Council for taxing us and making things more difficult during this global pandemic (because I have in the past and will continue to in the future) I should praise them when they submit legislation that makes life a little easier on some of the residents in our county during this difficult time. Good job County Council.

Scott E


  1. Is there any chance of the credit for those who have owned any house in Howard county for 35 years, not necessarily the same house.


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