On February 20th I had the pleasure of interviewing Ken Ulman and Sabina Taj about The Rouse Project. The goal of this discussion was to let the community know a bit more about this new entity in Howard County.

Some of the things we talked about included:

  • General overview and goals of The Rouse Project
  • We talked about a couple of the priorities of the entity
  • Learned more about the petition to delay selection of the next Columbia Association President until after the April 24 CA Board Elections
  • I asked about some of the rumors floating around about the entity
  • And some other questions that came up during the discussion

Here was our discussion on February 20th:


To learn more about The Rouse Project visit their website here:

Visit their social media channels here:

Scott E

Note – sorry about the technical glitch with my camera at the beginning of the video. That goes to show that even the “tech guy” can have technical problems from time to time.