I thought I would take a look at the data related to COVID-19 vaccinations reported administered in Howard County. I am going to look at the numbers reported by Maryland Department of Health (via their dashboard) and Howard County Health Department (via their dashboard).

I will start with the data reported here in Howard County by our Health Department. The total number of vaccinations administered on the dashboard is reported to be 16,462. Here is a screenshot of the dashboard this morning:

It is unclear if the dashboard was updated on February 20th (the data looks like it might be from February 19th – last date noted this morning on the dashboard is February 18th).

Next I will look at the data reported on the Maryland Department of Health dashboard. The total number of vaccinations administered on the dashboard is reported to be 66,050 (47,692 first doses and 18,358 second doses).

Here is a daily look at the data reported by the state: (the state does not yet provide a dataset with this information updated daily so I am tracking it on my own via a Google Spreadsheet)

Here is a weekly look at the number of doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been administered in Howard County:

Here is the table of data for Maryland, Howard County and Carroll County:

Here are some of my observation about the data:

  • If the HoCo Health Department vaccine doses administered is correct and up to date on the dashboard that would mean around 25% of doses administered in Howard County is by the local Health Department and 75% of doses administered are by other entities.
  • Over the past couple of weeks Howard County has had a few snow / ice days. The number of vaccines administered (by all entities) has remained pretty stable over the past three weeks. I think we all hope to see these numbers begin to rise in the VERY near future.
  • The lines can be long at times to get your dose of COVID-19 vaccine administered but the lines move quickly (when I was at HCC last week I saw how efficient the process was for those getting their doses)

I will continue to track this data and report out the numbers from time to time.

Scott E


  1. The process for getting the vaccine is not user-friendly for the elderly who are not facile with using technology, and it is not user-friendly for the poor who do not have access to the technology to register as well as make appointments. This means a large segment of Howard County are already disenfranchised because structures were put in place to make access to the vaccine out of reach to them.

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