A message from the Howard County Health Department on February 19th:

IMPORTANT: Our team has been informed that a link to register for the COVID-19 vaccine at our clinic on Sat (2/20) has been made public. This clinic is ONLY for second doses, and ONLY for those who received their first dose on Sat 1/30 at Howard Community College. Each dose that will be administered at this clinic has been set aside specifically for the person who received their first shot 4 weeks ago. There are NO first doses and NO spare doses available at this clinic.

If you use a shared link to book an appointment at this clinic, you will be turned away. Only those who received their first doses on 1/30 and are scheduled for their second dose at this clinic can be served with the vaccine supply on hand. If you arrive without an appointment, or with an appointment made through the shared link that is circulating, you will contribute to congestion and traffic as our vulnerable seniors arrive to receive their second doses.

Our clinic team will be referring to their list of those who received their first doses on 1/30 to confirm appointments at this clinic. If you are not on this list, you will not be eligible to receive the vaccine at this clinic. We remain committed to providing additional vaccine appointments each time we receive additional supply, and we will not stop until everyone in HoCo who wants a vaccine has had their shots. We’re grateful for your patience in this difficult time, and ask for your continued support as we work to protect our entire community, beginning with these most vulnerable citizens.


Scott E