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Noted in the Howard County Police Daily Crime Bulletin, Friday, February 12, 2021

Commercial burglary

In the overnight hours of Feb. 11-12, unknown suspect(s) entered six restaurants in Ellicott City and Columbia by breaking the glass doors. Police are investigating whether these burglaries are related.

Ellicott City, 21043: 5700 block of Richards Valley Road, Coal Fire Pizza (nothing reported stolen) and East Moon Asian Bistro (cash and safe stolen)

Columbia, 21044: 10100 block of Twin Rivers Road, Urban Hot Pot (cash and safe stolen), Bonchon (cash stolen), Kung Fu Tea (cash stolen)

10000 block of Town Center Avenue, Corner Bakery (nothing reported stolen)


Scott E’s Blog staff had a chat with one business owner and they told me that they felt like the suspects were looking for cash in the establishments as other significant items were not taken during the burglaries.

I hope our police department find and arrest these suspect in the near future.

Scott E


  1. The burglaries in columbia are targeted against asian stores. This is obvious because other none ethnic stores nearby were spared. In addition, the crimes all happened during Chinese New Year Eve. It saddens me to see so much hate (racial) in this so called “choose civility” county.

    • Let’s remember, the HoCo BOE said Asians are white people. It’s institutional racism but it’s vetted by the cultural marxists now running the Democrat party. Why is everyone tolerant of these racist Democrats?

        • Yup fox reports on HoCo BOE, marxist shill. Go watch to redistricting testimonials and county council meetings, then leave our county you racist Democrat sycophant.

  2. Not every crime is a racially motivated one. Crime is almost always based on opportunity. What’s special about the timing? Higher volume of sales, potentially more cash on hand, closures for the holiday? How did the criminals know there was cash on hand at several of these locations? Inside job? Before people trigger the racist motivation, get some facts and stop the bias. If it ends up as racially motivated then punish the offenders appropriately. Should every crime that crosses the race divide be racist? So every black crime that involves a non-black victim is a racist one? Every white crime that has a non-white victim is racist one? Sorry, but that just doesn’t stand up to the facts. Of course, racial hate is involved in some crime, most violent in nature, but that is not the norm.

    • Six Asian businesses targeted in that same day? Oh no can’t be race oriented because POC aren’t the victim. Get out of our county with your cultural marxism you leftist swine.

  3. We moved from Howard County, Sykesville area 22 years ago and there is not a day I do not miss our past home & the county. Now I’m seeing comments like “leftist swine”? What has happened to my county?

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