Colleen Morris (President of the Howard County Education Association) provided the following testimony before the Howard County Board of Education on February 11, 2021:

You can watch the full video of the Howard County Board of Education meeting on February 11th here:

Colleen Morris mentioned Work-To-Rule in her testimony. At this point:

  • Howard County Education Association Board of Directors voted unanimously to approve a resolution authorizing Work to Rule effective Feb 22nd (Learn More)
  • Howard County Education Association Building Representatives passed a resolution authorizing Work-to-Rule status by a vote of 96% to 4% (Learn More)
  • The request to vote has been sent to the HCEA members and I have been informed by a member of the HCEA the vote will close on Monday (February 15th).


Information about the phased transition to hybrid in-person and concurrent learning from the HCPSS Superintendent on February 11th:

Our preparations are well underway to begin our phased transition to hybrid in-person and concurrent learning, as approved by the Board on January 26. This transition represents the first stage of a gradual return to normalized instruction. To recap this plan:

  • On March 1, all students will move to the Hybrid schedule, and students identified for the 5-days-per-week program will return to school buildings. Those eligible for this option include students receiving special education services or who were eligible to participate in the School-Based Learning Centers.
    • The staff needed to support this initial phase may return to school buildings beginning on February 22, but have the flexibility to teach from home on Monday, February 22 and Tuesday, February 23. All staff designated to support this group must return to school buildings on Wednesday, February 24.
    • Additionally, teachers will have flexibility on Wednesdays to work remotely once students have left the building, and will also have the flexibility to work remotely on any days of the week that they do not directly support students.
  • On March 15, we begin to phase in all other students for 1-2 in-person school days each week, with concurrent virtual instruction for the remainder of the week. Alternatively, families may elect to have students continue with all-virtual learning.
    • Grades Pre-K, 1 and 2 will return first, beginning the week of March 15. Similarly as for the first phase, staff supporting these students will return beginning one week previously, on March 8, but have the flexibility to work remotely March 8-9 and must return by March 10.
    • Grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 9 and 12, and students participating in ARL programs will return beginning the week of March 29. The associated staff will return beginning March 22, but may choose to work remotely on March 22-23 and must return by March 24.
    • Grades 7, 8, 10 and 11 will return beginning on April 12. All remaining school staff are designated for return on March 29, but may work remotely on March 29-30 and must return on March 31.
    • For staff not designated to return on February 22 for Phase 1, I encourage them to use Wednesdays during February and March to return to their schools to begin to set up their classrooms as needed, as there will not be early dismissal days before the start of each subsequent phase.

See the full COVID-19 Work Session Remarks here:$file/02%2011%202021%20Supt%20Remarks%20-%20COVID-19%20Work%20Session.pdf

Scott E