Howard County Councilwoman Christiana Rigby (District 3) provided the following update about the Plastics Reduction Act (CB13-2021):

Want to help Howard County reduce our plastic waste, fight climate change, and promote clean waterways and wildlife?

Next Tuesday, the County Council will be accepting public testimony on the Plastics Reduction Act, legislation that I introduced with Councilman Opel Jones and Howard County Council Member Liz Walsh in an effort to curb disposable plastic pollution and waste in Howard County.

The legislation tackles two main sources of plastic pollution: disposable plastic straws and plastic food ware. Starting in 2022, this legislation would prohibit restaurants from distributing plastic straws to customers. Restaurants will keep a limited stock of straws on hand for individuals who request them.

Similarly, this legislation would require that all disposable plastic food ware (cutlery, cups, clamshells) and disposable condiment packets are available only upon request. If you still need plastic food ware with your meal, you’ll still be able to request it! This step will help reduce unnecessary and unwanted waste while encouraging Howard County restaurants and businesses to explore sustainable alternatives.

You can submit testimony on CB13-2021 by emailing the Council at! We would love to hear your perspective on this legislation.


Councilwoman Rigby is scheduled to discuss CB13-2021 with Scott E’s Blog on February 16th at 3:30pm:

Discussion with Howard County Councilwoman Christiana Rigby about Council Bill 13-2021; February 16th at 3:30pm

Be sure to tune in as I will ask a number of questions about this legislation so that the community knows what it is really about and how businesses and government entities will be affected by this bill.

Scott E


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