Reported by the Howard County Public School System on social media:

Please note! Thursday’s Board of Education virtual regular meeting, previously scheduled to begin at 4 p.m., has been rescheduled to 12-5 p.m., due to anticipated inclement weather. In order to support the streaming of the meeting online and on TV, HCPSS staff are required to be in the physical building.

Virtual meetings are streamed live on the HCPSS website,, and also can be seen in Howard County on Comcast 95/Verizon 42.

This is actually a better link to watch Howard County Board of Education meetings:

Here is the agenda for the meeting today:

I think a great number of people will be interested in the “COVID-19 UPDATE/2020-2021 School Year Status (Michael Martirano) – WORK SESSION” agenda item.

I know that is what I will pay attention to today.

Scott E


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