The group Citizens for a Strong and Safe Howard County in Opposition of CB 63-2020 has reported raising $60,691.38 as of February 5th. Here is a summary of their Finance Report: CampaignFinanceReport_Public_d218afc9-ea1c-4443-a868-53226902cde0

Here are some notable items on the report:

Money raised:

  • Noted in the “Contributions” section of the report – Contributions from elected officials or campaign accounts:
    • Committee to Elect Allan Kittleman – $5,000
    • Committee to Elect David Yungmann – $3,000
    • Friends Gail Bates – $4,000
    • Kittleman, Trent – $103.30

I think some of those contributions noted above should be listed as “MD Candidate and Slate Accounts – Schd 1A”. Maybe an update will be happening to this report in the future.

In Kind Contributions:

  • The Normandy Venture Limited Partnership (30-day office space lease) – $1,800

Money spent:

  • The vast majority of expenditures are for National Ballot Access Inc: Consultant Fees- Campaign workers – $38,682.14

Those are the items that caught my eye on the report. If there are other significant items please let me know in the comments.

On February 5th the Facebook group “Repeal Sanctuary Status In Howard County, MD” reported:

Sanctuary County is one of the most controversial issues in Howard County history, and it represents a massive overreach by the county executive and council.

Our committee is meeting necessary requirements to ensure the citizens of Howard County, not politicians, have a say on sanctuary county laws.

Our campaign is preparing to submit over 11,000 petition signatures. Filing today’s signatures is but the first step in ensuring this issue is on the ballot in November 2022.

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Scott E